While walking through Marina Šimuni, we wanted to capture one of the wishes on my bucket list: sailing. I very much want to experience it once. To sail on the sea, distant from civilisation and discovering the sound of the sea and the sound within you.

I will check it from my list one day. One day, when the time comes. I don’t know when and where but I believe nothing is wrong with that. I think sometimes it is even better that some wishes come later than sooner. If you wish for something and get it instantly, you will probably not appreciate it as much as you would if you wait for it and devote yourself in achieving that goal. If all the wishes would come true easily, new and bigger wishes will come and all of a sudden you stop recognising all the little sparks in life and you start taking them for granted.

To dream and to wish for something keeps you motivated and it pumps energy through your veins. Than, when a wish comes true, it’s magical. So, dream, wish for things. Everything will come true at the right moment. Don’t be hasty. Work towards your goals and when life will bring them to you, enjoy every minute.

Blouse from Stradivarius
Shorts from H&M
Sneakers from H&M
Sunglasses from Primark

Polo shirt from Marks & Spencer
German Navy Bermuda Shorts (1983)
Sunglasses from H&M