Hey everybody! I hope that you are all OK, healthy and at home. It is a difficult time but we will get through it. ?

If you don’t want to just read books, watch TV, and clean here is a fresh idea: you can join an online archery competition Home Field Cup. All you need is a backyard, a bow, a few arrows, and an archery target. If you have all that then all you need to do is to shoot 36 arrows each week, fill your results in an online form and that’s all. 🙂

Home Field Cup is organized by Šentlok archery club and Sons of Archery Slovenia. They organize this online competition so that despite all the problems we currently have due to Covid19 we stay in touch remotely, that we stretch our bodies and go out for fresh air (at least once a week). More information about the competition is explained in my video below.

Fun fact: I trained archery in middle school and I started practicing it last year after more than 15 years thanks to Borut Bevc who is one of the organizers of the Home Field Cup.  ?