Because of coronavirus we must be at home and take care of ourselves. I hope that you are all well. Me and Marko are OK and in the last two or three weeks, we are boosting our immune system so that we stay healthy. In the video below you can see what we do to boost it. The video is worth watching because I also made two recipes for you. ?‍?

Stay at home and stay healthy. ✨

Lemon ginger tea recipe:
– boil water
– pick a tea of your choice
– pour water over tea
– squeeze lemon juice
– slice ginger
– take tea out of the water
– add a spoon of honey, lemon juice, and sliced ginger
– mix it and pour it in your favorite cup

Chicken broth recipe:
– coat the bottom of a large stockpot with olive oil
– add one chopped onion, sauté until softened and slightly colored – 2 to 3 minutes
– add half of the chicken pieces to the pot, sauté until no longer pink, about 5 to 10 minutes
– season it with salt, pepper, and rosemary
– add three chopped carrots and sauté everything together for another 5 minutes
– add two to three liters of water and cook it for 20 minutes
– add seasoning if needed (I added some more salt, 2 bay leaves, and parsley)
– add noodles and cook for another 10 minutes
– serve