San Francisco is different but great. In recent posts, I talked about main attractions of San Francisco. In the next two posts, I will concentrate on living in the city also known as “The Paris of the West”. In Slovenia, we don’t have very big cities and European metropoles are quite different as American big cities. There is a lot of concrete, skyscrapers, and there aren’t so many benches and cute coffee shops. In the European cities, there is more culture, historical heritage, old towns, and green areas.

Our daily routine in Frisco was to get up, eat breakfast and go for a morning coffee few blocks away to Artis coffee shop. I don’t drink coffee but I fell in love in their Vanilla Latte. It was quite sweet what definitely helped that coffee taste disappeared and vanilla stud out. After coffee, my adventures in the city began. I walked between 15 and 20 kilometers each day. I got a bit tired in the evening because of all the walking but we went to have a dinner and then sometimes stayed at home and hang out or we went to see a movie. The days were very full but I wanted to get the most of the city.

Before we went to San Francisco, Marko convinced me to take a green coat to America which I bought in London earlier this year. I was against this idea at first but I said I will give it a try since it was in the closet from the moment I bought it. I must say it grew to my heart. It’s warm but light enough, comfortable, and has a great color. It’s the perfect autumn coat.

Coat from vintage store in Portobello Road