One of the days while staying in San Francisco was especially festive, because my boy celebrated his birthday. Happy birthday, Marko! 🙂

We ate our breakfast at home and went to Artis for a morning coffee. But we did complement our usual morning routine with few treats. Breakfast was a little bit special. He got his beloved Earl Grey tea and a balloooooon! At Artis, we ordered our favorite Vanilla Latte and ate chocolate muffins. The day continued with work, his dearest tiramisu pause and outfit of the day photo shoot. After doing some shopping (it is one of the things he loves to do) and having a dinner, I made a cake with 34 candles. There were so many candles on a very small cake, that the whole cake almost caught fire. Luckily he managed to put them all out. We ended our day with cinema.

It was a different birthday without the whole family around him but I hope I made him a nice birthday with celebrating atmosphere. Have a great, fun, playful and delightful year, my dear. *