Snow visited Slovenia in January and because of the low temperatures, it stayed with us for quite some time. We even went skiing one day. My legs weren’t ready for it but I enjoyed it very much.

And I visited sales. I found a lot of things that I love. On my surprise, I didn’t buy anything black, just colourful clothes. I wasn’t even looking for black clothes. I came a long way in the past year.

We also make progress at Studio Samino where I work and we are creating photos, videos, design and web pages. This year we bought some new gear at Samino and I’m using this gear for my photos on the blog. All January photos on the blog are made with our new camera Canon 5D Mark IV. It’s a great camera! The upstep from the previous one that excite me the most are vivid colours, the sound of the shutter and autofocus conceptual diagram of the focusing pattern. I enjoy using this camera so much that I started taking more and more pictures in the last month.

I also started to edit pictures by myself. Before January Marko did all the professional edit. I was editing pictures just on my phone with VSCO app. Can you tell the difference between our editing? I’m happy that I’m starting to learn new things and that I can do the most of the work. The year 2017 started great. 🙂