Full of people and stalls, various cuisine and crazy things. Brick Lane. Mecca for vintage aficionados.

One could wander around for hours among all the piles of clothes and objects you cannot find anywhere else. The craziness defined. People are selling everything. Things that you would never need, never put on your wall or on your table. Some even make you uncomfortable. Some are interesting but you wouldn’t know what to do with them. In any case, I would definitely recommend a visit.

What really surprised me were the prices. I thought that I’ll buy the whole vintage market because I like vintage things. But the prices stopped me quite quickly. I’m not used to spend a lot of money on clothes. For example, Zara is the top shelf in my closet. But in this vintage market, majority of clothes are even more expensive that the new ones in my usual shop-range. Nevertheless, one can find some fine deals. Coats around 100 pounds, dresses around 50, sunglasses around 3. Everything that I liked was quite expensive and I didn’t buy anything. Maybe next time I’ll be better prepared now that I know what to expect.

It is a cultural experience like no other. People are very interesting and they are not intrusive which I liked a lot. If you like vintage things and you are prepared to give some more money for clothes you will enjoy it very much.