The lowland South Wales is formed of grand cliffs, beautiful beaches and two third of whole Welsh population. The mountainous North is embraced by the highest picks of Wales, amazing lakes and spectacular scenery. What unites them is a pleasant summer breeze and cold winter wind.

While driving around the coastline we stopped at Oxwich Bay, a vast beach which is very calm and peaceful in winter. The grass is touched by the wind in spontaneous notes which makes the landscape soft and supreme. Relaxing sound of waves and sand in your shoes make you think of summer.

The first thing I noticed when I came to Wales were bilingual signs. Yes, Wales has its own language and it’s called Welsh. Everyone speaks English but Welsh is still alive. It emerged in the 6th century originating from the Celtic language. Welsh is nothing like English. While listening to it on the radio I couldn’t understand a word.

In Cymru (Wales in Welsh) people are proud of their roots and culture. They speak about their history with warmth. And Welsh people are also very friendly and warm themselves. We stayed in Cardiff with the kindest and most welcoming couple. They made our experience in Wales impeccable. But more about them in the next post.

Sweater from HM
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