Ibiza has a lot of hidden gems. Gems that are not so hidden anymore but they still possess some magic. I’m talking about Ibiza beaches. With golden sand, authentic stones, and clear water you easily fall in love with them. We were really lucky to visit Ibiza in October when there was the end of the touristic season. I’m pointing out this because all Ibiza beaches are quite small. They are charming and lovely and their smallness makes them even more authentic. I would just recommend going there out of season so you can enjoy these natural beauties in all their glory.

One of the most enticing and rustic beaches on Ibiza is Cala Salada. It lies on the foot of a pine forest and it will get under your skin with turquoise water and interesting little garages. On my surprise, sea water rises over the garages and that is no problem. I don’t know what they keep in these garages but I suppose they have boats in there. A mystery that I will be solving on my next trip to Ibiza. When I will get to the bottom of it I will let you know. 🙂

Dress from Antonello Serio