You might have already noticed but if you didn’t I will let you in on a little secret. Me and Marko like to be color coordinated. That means that we like to dress in the same color palette. It started around two years ago when we were packing for traveling and talking about what to wear. It somehow happened that we packed similar colored clothes. We liked it so much that we started to dress in the same colors.

Now our routine starts in the evening before we go to bed. We set two or three colors in which we dress the next day. We don’t always have the same colors in the wardrobe and in situations like these we compromise and wear the color we both have. So we decide what to wear, put it out of the wardrobe, check if everything works together and go to bed. And so we color coordinate our outfits. What do you think about that? Do you also do it sometimes? 🙂

Dress from H&M
Bag from Frachella

Sweater from Mango
Throusers from Zara
Sneakers from Boxfresh