It has two nicknames. It is known as the City of Music because of its musical legacy. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, The father-and-son Strauss, Franz Schubert and Johannes Brahms are just a few who composed World’s most famous symphonies here. And it is also the City of Dreams where everything is possible – nevertheless, it is not a coincidence that it’s a home of the first psycho-analyst Sigmund Freund. Vienna or Wien as is named in Austrian is one of the highest ranked World cities that is known for its high quality of life.

My first feeling in Vienna was that everything goes by the rules. Everybody is very strict and follows the rules. The unwritten rules like crossing the road when the green light is on, being polite with costumers in the store and throw the trash in the garbage bin even if it is just a tiny piece of paper. I like this because I am a tidy person with a fondness of following the rules. I don’t like to cross the street when I’m not supposed to (that is driving my brother crazy sometimes), I feel good when I get a nice welcome in the café and I don’t like trash being everywhere.

Sometimes maybe ‘rules are made to be broken’ but I feel better, more secure and safer when I follow them. I felt Vienna is like me in that sense. My brother would say that rules make Vienna sterile, but I would say sterile in an elegant way. And it is also for the rules I like Vienna – as well as for its mighty buildings, rich history, bourgeois cafés, copper roofs, wienerschnitzel and Sachertorte.

Ruffle blouse, trousers and belt from Zara
Sunglasses from Mango
Shoes from Lazzarini
Bag from Parfois
Rings from H&M and Stradivarius