Bohemia is is the western and largest historical region of the Czech lands. It is full of hot springs, colonnade, and beautiful buildings. If you’re in the Chech Republic, you should definitely go around and explore the region. Besides Karlovy Vary, visit another spa town called Marianske Lazne with a big park in the center. You can enjoy in coffee shops with high ceilings, colorful buildings, and singing fountain. Yes, you hear it right. Between April and November on each odd hour, classical songs are performed and the fountain is dancing to the rhythm of the songs. The performance starts exactly at a full hour so don’t be late if you want to see and hear it because its performance lasts only a few minutes.

If you came to Marianske Lazne because of luxury you won’t be disappointed. There is a lot of very nice hotels, not just nice but high-end hotels with beautiful spas. The most famous is Romans bath which looks spectacular and you can visit even if you are not the guest of the hotel. Marianske Lazne offers calmness throughout the town. Everything is easy going and if you’re there on a vacation you will feel rested at the end of it for sure.

Cardigan from Lily.J
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Boots from Zara
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