While in Valletta our home was an old Airbnb Townhouse just 5 minutes away from the city centre. The whole Malta, including housing and infrastructure is quite old. There is not a lot of new buildings. But it has a special charm and what I like the most is that all buildings have the same beige colour facade. Our house had the same facade, a lovely red door and Victorian(ish) interior design. The floors were flooded with carpets, there were large mirrors with beautiful gold framework, big bedrooms with velvet chairs and spacious bathrooms. I loved velvet chairs the most. The soft upholstery in gorgeous colour was the best way to gently awake me on my way from the bed to the bathroom. The second most loveable piece were the glass bathroom doors. We usually have wooden bathroom doors, but the glass ones gave an extra dimension to the space with its open and bright touch. Perfect!

However, not everything was so glamorous. Because it is an old place, there are cracks everywhere and you are in constant care not to break anything. Because of the old windows, everything shakes at a strong wind and you hear all the noise from the street. And from the other room. Because of the old door handles, we locked ourselves out from our bedroom and couldn’t go in to pack for the morning flight. Fortunately, we solved it in the end, but still there was some minor panic.

Nevertheless, considering all the bumps you can experience on your journeys, traveling is priceless. Plus it’s good for your health. Check out 8 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good for Your Health by Karen Reed.

Now, enjoy in Valletta morning light and take a look at our huge bedroom.

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