In today’s post, I wanted to write only about Mdina where we took the photos. Even the youngest boy from our expedition, Marko’s 7 year old nephew Lev, took the camera and contributed his photo. Mdina was the medieval capital of Malta. It is surrounded by defensive walls and is so appealing and preserved that a lot of Game of Thrones Season 1 was filmed here. After our visit of Mdina, we continued the road to the cliffs in south.

Until midday yesterday, I planned to write about our experience of Mdina but then something very unexpected and mind blowing happened yesterday that I just can’t wait to share with you. The day was normal – work and for the end of the day library where I started to write my master thesis (finally). Out of nowhere, I got a notification on Instagram that @pepermint commented on my story. I quote: “My fashion icon.” First, I was shocked, then thrilled and happy! It means sooo much to me! I saw the comment it in the most silent part of the library so I wanted to burst out with the happy dance and big smile on my face. This statement made my day and gave me a big motivation push to continue with what I do.

It was a comment that came at the right moment. For the last few weeks I’m questioning myself about my work on Second Layer. Am I doing it right? Is my work an inspiration to anyone out there? When I look at other fashion bloggers I sometimes get intimidated. Everyone looks so stunning and gorgeous. They have tens, hundreds of thousands of followers. They are all up to date with the hottest items and brands, have the cutest posts and it seems that they know exactly what to say. So, Katja thank you for this comment. It means the world to me and you will always be the first one to call me someones fashion icon. Check out Katja’s wonderful blog Pepermint which is a perfect place for everybody who loves architecture, design, beautiful things and is eager to meet new interesting people.

Photo: Lev Kodre

Frilled top from H&M
Handbag from H&M
Sunglasses from Primark
Sneakers from Zara