Hello beautiful people, Second Layer is back. Ihaaaaaaa! 🙂

Let’s pick up from where we left. It’s time for the marvelous Czech Republic. Everywhere you go there are cute villages with stunning castles. And when I say castles I mean very well preserved gorgeous castles. If you are thinking about a road trip, Czech Republic is a great option. You will be blown away.

And not just with castles but with stunning architecture and hidden gems. One of them is Karlovy Vary. It’s not really hidden but when you think of Czech Republic Karlovy Vary is probably not on the top of your mind. As you may assume the name Karlovy Vary is called after Charles IV (Czech: Karel IV.), Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, who founded the city in 1370. Since then Carlsbad is famous for its hot springs.

If you don’t like hot springs you can walk through the city, drink some healthy warm water from the springs (the springs’ temperature range is between 40 and 72℃) in the colonnade with 124 Corinthian columns. You can have a nice walk to the observation tower Diana or visit the new Moser Museum offering a unique look at the history of the glassworks in Karlovy Vary. The thing you must not miss while visiting Karlovy Vary is to stop for a coffee in one of the grand hotels, Grand Hotel Pupp or Hotel Imperial for an authentic experience of Karel IV lavish lifestyle. Stay tuned for more in the next post.

Coat from Mango
Scarf from H&M
Flat boots from Lasocki