London is very versatile itself but to make the whole adventure even more adventurous we decided to go to the south coast of England on a day trip. In the morning we took a tube to the bus station and after two hours bus drive we arrived to Portsmouth. We were greeted by a great friend of mine from my youth dancing times and after a breakfast we started with our Portsmouth trip.

The first and almost the only thing that we devoted our time was Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. We started with on a boat ride through Portsmouth harbour, where we saw a lot of Royal navy ships. From normal ships to huge modern battle ships and aircraft carrier. They really have a lot of ships there and the sight of them is amazing.

Portsmouth harbour is a home to some important British ships, including HMS Warrior and Mary Rose. It’s also the largest dockyard for the Royal Navy and a home to two-thirds of the entire surface fleet.

We continued our path to see the mightiest of them all, the world’s oldest naval ship still in commission HMS Victory. It’s is best known as Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. I was unaware until that day that HMS stands for Her Majesty’s Ship. Its overall length is 70 meters, height from waterline to top of mainmast is 62.5 m and it has 104 guns. A real two hundred and fifty years old beauty.

It was a beautiful navy day in Portsmouth harbour. If you are a ships lover you will find a ship heaven there. You can even apply for Naval Shipyard School. Or just enjoy in rich history and greatness of the ships.

Coat from H&M
Blouse from Stradivarius
Hat from Zara
Shoes from Blink