Spring is here and the next moment it’s gone again wrapped in rain and low temperatures. I hope that rainy April-like weather will be prevailed by high summer temperatures and lots of sun. But here and there real spring comes and brings a smile to my face.

What also brings smile to my face are Lilly.J’s clothes. Lilly.J was established in London in 2008. It’s a fashion brand with the cutest girly pieces. They don’t look up to fashion trends but rather creating unique fashion full of laces pearls.

When I first walked into their store on Portobello road I was enchanted. Every pice is very special and have a boutique touch to it. Blouses with lace and dresses with pearls. They sell clothes for a grown up princesses with vintage feel. I fell in love immediately so I started fitting a lot of different dresses and tops. Although prices are very affordable I couldn’t bought all the things I liked, so I decided to leave the shop with two pieces I liked the most: a dress and a cardigan. An elegant dress (that you will have a chance to see in the next post) and a warm cardigan with pearls. I love this cardigan, because the pearls make it exquisite and elevates casual outfit, yet it is simple enough for everyday use.

Cardigan from Lily.J
T-shirt from Zara
Trousers from H&M