A few years ago when I was strolling around San Francisco I was looking endlessly for a bench to eat my sandwich. I couldn’t believe that there were none. There were just roads and buildings. I appreciate when big cities have little green spots in the middle of a concrete jungle. Even better if they have big parks.

In Vienna, one of the most beautiful parks is behind the Schönbrunn Palace. The entrance is free of charge so you can visit them anytime. They are so big that you can get lost in them. You can actually get lost in its maze. You can enjoy statues, trees, flowers, big promenade and huge Neptune Fountain. If you are up for it you can walk on the top of the hill to the Gloriette offering café and an observation deck which provides panoramic views of the city. We didn’t visit it because we went into the city center to have a Sacher cake. But we did take a moment to sit on the stairs and admire Schönbrunn Palace gardens.