In fashion, I believe less is more. Maximum three different colors in one outfit, not too many different textures, shirts with no inscriptions, and accessories that complement the outfit. I’m rather bold with lines and shapes than with colors and prints.

In this outfit, I don’t have any textures or crazy colors so I added a few accessories to make this outfit more fun. I added a big bow in my hair, birdy brooch on my coat, a white bag, and stipped scarf. If it wouldn’t be a windy day in Trieste I would leave the scarf at home. For a minimal look, a great tip is also to remove one piece that you wear. We usually over accessorize our outfits and end up looking like we don’t know what we are doing. In my experience, one piece less makes the difference which results in a better outfit.

My advice to you is: keep fashion fun but don’t overdo it. ?