Rogaška Slatina is a magical little city in Slovenia, a place with soul and heritage. Since a long time ago, the most of the people are attracted by the spring healing water. I wondered how it all started so I headed on to an adventure and I found out how it all came to life. According to the legend, we have to thank Pegasus. He was sent by the god Apollo who ordered Pegasus to hit the ground with his hoof and open up Roitschocrene, the spring of Rogaška Slatina. For that reason, the residents honor Pegasus as a hero. His immensity is portrayed in the crest and flag of the city. They also set up a monument of it made by Vasilije Ćetković Vasko. To emphasize his greatness his hoof on the right foreleg is colored in gold. He really is something special and while standing beneath him you can feel his might and strength.

All this is a myth, of course. A very nice myth with mythological beings, gods, and a fairytale ending. A perfect bedtime story.

Top from Christian Cerg
Trousers from Stradivarius
Sneakers from Zara

Cardigan from Farah
Jeans from Ring of Fire
Sneakers from Converse