T-shirts are replaced with long sleeves, flipflops with boots and bright colors with darker ones. Autumn is here. A lot of rain and clouds but today we were blessed with a sunny day. A perfect opportunity to take some outfit photos. For this occasion, I decided to build the look from the shoes. I wore them in this post for the first time and I must admit that because of the slim and high heel they are quite unstable. But they are gorgeous!

So I thought that they will be the star of this photo shoot. But in the middle of the session, I wanted to hold my bag in the hand and because of the long strap, it almost touched the floor. I took the strap, wrapped it around the front side of the bag in a way that the length shortened. And I thought to myself that I could share this word of advice with you. And the bag became the main item in this blog post. With shortening the strap you achieve that you can use one bag in two different ways. But there is also a third one.You just put the strap into the bag and wear it like a clutch. Every shoulder bag can be worn in these three ways. It depends on the occasion and the look you are going for. I love this “hack” because a bag becomes versatile. You can see in the photos below how to do it. I hope you will have fun with this little tip. 🙂

Blouse from H&M
Jeans from Zara
Boots from Ivyrevel
Bag from Mango