Today on Second Layer we represent you the designer behind our all wedding design and my future husband to be: Marko Samec.

What are we? What makes us a whole? We support each other, complement one another and step into each day embraced together. By standing together we are stronger than two separate parts. From this concept, I started designing our emblem.

I used the first letters of our names and put them together in one entity as if A (Ajda) is standing in front of M (Marko) and we are making one whole embraced together. I put Ajda in front of me because we usually stand in this way. Probably because she is smaller and I can see over her. 🙂

The rest was pretty simple. Whenever I work on a design, the process usually goes like this:
1. idea in my head
2. sketch in my notebook
3. fine-tuning on a computer

Funfact: I call it an emblem rather than a logo, because an emblem is an abstract or representational pictorial image that represents a concept, like a moral truth, or a person, whereas a logo is an impersonal design used as an identifying mark, usually of a corporate entity.