I always thought of poncho as an old form of dressing up and didn’t like the concept of an opening in the centre and that there are no sleeves. I didn’t know how to wear it and styled it. And if Marko would not see the poncho in the store and convinced me to try it on, I would still have the same old prejudice against poncho.

I love the modern style of this poncho. It’s made from light fabric, it’s short and I love the pom poms – they make this elegant poncho playful and cheerful. It fits perfectly in the timeless park in Rogaška Slatina. I’m also more and more opened to blue on me. For which I think I’m influenced a bit by Marko. He adores blue and he is wearing it almost every day. For me blue is almost like black but becoming more interesting and richer.

Since mentioning Marko, I want to ask you one more thing concerning him. What do you think about his beard? It’s growing bigger and longer and it’s becoming a real beard. Do you like it? We would both like to know. I like it, but I think he looks younger with a shorter beard. He is also thinking about shaving the beard off and leaving just the mustache for Movember season. What is your vote on what he should do?

Poncho from Comma
Blouse from H&M
Trousers from Zara
Ankle boots from H&M