October was unexpectedly crazy and out of the box. I wanted to go to America some day and I thought that this is gonna happened in a few years or even decades. But the opportunity arose in October, I grabbed it and I said hello to San Francisco. Me and Marko booked tickets just a few days before leaving. It was quite hectic because we needed to arrange visa, health insurance, finances, and we also needed to pack – all that in just three days.

A few days later we were in beautiful and sunny San Francisco. My first impression of America and San Francisco was that everything is big. The second thing I noticed was amazing Golden gate bridge, fun at Pier 39 and Alcatraz island which is very close to the city (2 km offshore from San Francisco). American cities are young and full of concrete. I missed benches and green surfaces.

Experiencing new parts of the world and to exploring how people live in the “mighty” America was a great experience. I would like to go back for some period of time but I don’t think I would like to live in San Francisco forever. For more of my San Francisco adventures click on the beautiful postcards created by my talented Marko.