It is a calm and cozy evening behind computers (where we usually end up in the evenings) when Marko’s eyes brighten. He turns up to me and says: “I want to try something.” He gets up from the desk and goes to our production gear storage space. Soon it becomes clear to me that it has something to do with photography or video. In the next second, he starts to put up photography lights together. I’m observing him and wait for him to explain to me what he is trying to do. He is in his zone. Which means he is not speaking. He is preparing the scene to bring his vision to life. When he is ready he asks me if I can sit in front of him. He does his magic. He is playing with colors, shadows, and curves of the human body. He says: “We are not doing this for the blog, it’s just something I want to try. So no pressure, this won’t be published anywhere.” (Eventually, I liked the photos so much, that I asked him to publish them.) He was so excited with what was created that he went straight back to the computer to check the photos.

The feeling when you can’t wait to see the finished product when you do something is the best. You are full of excitement, motivation, thrill, anxiety, and emotions. It’s the only thing you see in front of you. And when you see the end result you are happy and delighted that you did something new, something that came from inside of you, something out of your comfort zone. It’s important to experiment, to challenge yourself and if you want to do something do it. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine and lose the spark. Even if it’s not perfect, even if you don’t have everything you wanted at the moment, it’s worth to try. In the moments like this we grow, we learn something new, we feel the rush and an extra heartbeat.