Winter fairy tale finally found us and I’m delighted that it is here. When Marko woke up, looked through the window and said: “Ajda, snow!” I didn’t believe him. The next morning we woke up into the snowy winterland.

There is something magical about the snow. About its lightness and purity. It’s even more authentic when it is really cold. This week the temperatures dropped to -17 °C. That sounds crazy low but it was not that bad – you could still go for a walk without having to put three sweaters on you.

That day I was thinking about the influences human body can handle. For example, the highest temperature on Earth today was 42 ºC in Thargomindah Airport, Australia and the lowest was -55 ºC in Summit Camp, Greenland. That means human body can handle situations in 100 ºC range! But we tend to whine as soon as the weather is a bit colder or hotter. We can handle a way more than we think. Just put a warm winter cap on and rock on.