It’s always great to look back to see what you did and how far you came. 2016 was crazy. I never traveled so much, I started writing Second Layer which was my wish for a very long time, me and Marko started hosting theme parties at home, we made our home even more lovelier with few changes and additional furniture, I started playing golf and made some beautiful projects at Samino.

It’s hard to point out the highlights of 2016 because there were a lot of them. Walk with me among my top 10 things that happened in 2016.

 – 10 –
Weekend in Vienna

The idea for this spontaneous trip to Vienna arose from two exhibitions: Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show and Star Wars Identities. We also did some sightseeing and enjoyed Viennese coffeehouses. A funny thing that happened in Vienna was that my shoes caused me blisters and I bought white sneakers in Zara which after the purchase I wore all the time.

– 9 –
Trip to San Francisco

This trip was even more unexpected and spontaneous. We had five days to prepare everything before leaving. It was my first time in the US and I had a blast. Everything is very big, expensive and comfortable. We also celebrated Marko’s birthday there and I brought all the gifts for him from Slovenia and he didn’t suspect a thing. Except the balloon which I bought in the local store.

– 8 –

Marko and his father are big golf enthusiasts. Marko’s father played golf more than hundred times in 2016. Marko and his family bought me a set of golf clubs for my birthday and I started playing. Not really playing. I had three hours with golf instructor and then the season ended. I will be continuing with the lessons in the spring.

– 7 –
Born Bags

We did a couple of great projects at Samino studio in 2016. My favourite one was lifestyle+product photography and video for Born Atelier. And not just because of the results we created but even more because of a beautiful friendship that has grown along the way with creators of Born bags Katja and Jurij. They are great people to hang out with, full of positive energy and creative ideas. I have a feeling this was merely a start of our collaborative relationship.

– 6 –
Theme Parties

This year we started hosting theme parties. The first one was Mexico fiesta for my birthday with tequila, cactuses, tacos, tortillas  and other Mexican specialities. The next thing was a American party for Marko’s birthday with coctails, a hot dog stand, Starbucks coffee and cheesecake. For Christmas party, we made a photo booth with Christmas props. I can’t wait to see what we will prepare in 2017.

– 5 –
Wedding Speeches

Two of our closest friends got married. One of mine and one of Marko – not on the same wedding though. We had speeches on both weddings. I had an opening speech on a beautiful wedding of Anja and Domen and Marko had a dinner speech on charming summer wedding of Maja and Matic. It was a special moment for both of us as it was for them.

photo by Matjaž Očko
photo by Peter Perunovič

– 4 –
A Month in London

On the 1st of January 2016, we flew to London for a month. It was a month of exploring, adventures and city life. It was quite cold occasionally and I tried drinking a lot of hot tea. After our stay in London we went on a road trip to visit PortsmouthStonehenge, Bath, Wales. It was one of the most memorable months of 2016.

– 3 –
Cups Showcase and Breakfast Corner

Whenever we visit places, we like to buy souvenirs. But not just any – our typical souvenir is a pair of espresso cups. We had so many of them by that we didn’t have any more space to stow them. So we bought a showcase for them and now everybody who comes to our home can choose his own favourite cup. And the newest addition to our apartment is a breakfast corner in the kitchen which we use almost every day. It is in front of the kitchen window so we can discover how the day is waking up during our breakfast.

– 2 –
Second Layer

I’m very happy and proud of myself that I started with my passion project Second Layer Blog. I can’t believe I’m writing it for nine months so consistently. It’s a channel through which I express myself, which pushes me out of my comfort zone and makes me creative. Very big thanks goes to Marko for his constant support and all of his photos. The Second Layer wouldn’t exist without him. Marko, you are the best and I can’t wait to see what we will create together in 2017.

– 1 –
Mornings with Him

For me, the time I spent with him is the most precious and beautiful time of each day. He makes me happy, he makes me laugh. I learn about myself with him. He makes me feel special. We can talk for hours. I feel safe with him, cozy and warm. I love his hugs and kisses. I love when we are childish together, when we work together, when we watch movies together. I love when he is choosing what to wear for a long time, when he talks passionate about things, and when he smiles at me. I love our long mornings when he needs a lot of time to wake up and we are snuggling for hours. He makes my heart beats faster and I would like to wake up with him every morning.