Sun is out and snowflakes are on the lookout. Oh yeah, spring is just around the corner! It’s nice that the earth is waking up from winter sleep and it feels like the flourishing months are coming. A beautiful time to clear the head, start fresh with new ideas and to fill our body with a wave of gleaming energy.

It’s also time for spring clothes. Lighter fabrics and fewer layers. After this year’s cold winter I’m glad that warmer days are on their way. And it’s time to play. In today’s post, I play with summer jumpsuit and basic white blouse. When you put them together you get a perfect look for spring – light and elegant. A pair of spring boots or sandals is a great change for winter heavy boots.

All you need to the finish the look is jewelry and a pair of sunglasses. I don’t like to wear too much jewelry at once but I like a spark of gold. These earrings are beautiful. They are quite big but sleek. They elevate the whole styling to the next level. Big statement earrings are also trendy this year so you will not go wrong with them. But most of all, don’t forget to enjoy the spring!

Jumpsuit from Zara
Blouse from H&M
Shoes from Pull&Bear
Earrings from Mango