On the 1st of March 2016, Second Layer blog came to life with the first post. It has become a big part of my life ever since so when one year anniversary came by I wanted to do something special to celebrate it. We decided that we are going to make a brunch party. It was a decision made just a few days before the event. We stepped into action, send invitations and started to organize the event.

Guests were welcomed by our signature welcome drink and after a few moments when we all gathered, I started with the speech. I was telling a story how I met with fashion and continued with why and how Second Layer started. After that story, I presented future plans which include two new categories: Monthly Shopping Wishlist and presentation of Slovenian fashion or jewelry designers. At the end of my speech, I thanked all for their support and my emotions got the best of me. I didn’t even think that could happen. I called Marko for help and he saved me. He is my rock. After I calmed myself down we gave everybody “Thank you” gifts which consisted of a card with a thank you note, Second Layer sticker and a handmade bracelet Marko and I made ourselves. After the speech mingling started and food came to the floor. It was a joyful brunch. I got a lot of love and support from all. <3

I would like to thank everybody who came to brunch and supports Second Layer. To everybody who helped us before and during the party. To Miha Lorenčak who took all the photos. For all kind and encouraging words. Thank you all for making the brunch lovely and lively. I feel very grateful to have you around me.


Photos my Miha Lorenčak

Blouse from Mango
Trousers from ASOS