Shocking – colours invading my closet! 🙂

Until I was 16, I was wearing everything. From yellow to red, from green to blue. I had all the colours of the rainbow. Then I started to wear just neutral and earthly tones. In a year my closet contained just black and white. More black than white. And this is how my last seven years looked like. I just did’t felt good in colours.

Until recently. First colour item was red blouse followed by red dress. By now, several colourful items have found home in my closet: yellow and rose-pink dress, flowery blouse and dress, light blue trousers and light brown trousers.

Latest addition is a metal mustard bamboo cross body bag. I love it! It’s the right pop of colour perfect for summer days. It goes with everything. It’s the right combination of elegance and casualty. You can wear it through the day and evening. It’s the right size for all the essentials you need in your bag. And also very affordable.

Something switched in my head. And I’m glad that it did. I’m glad that I gave colours a chance. I’m starting to live in rainbow again.

Metal bamboo mustard bag by Zara