How often do you grab some popcorn and go to the movies, put on your fancy dress and have a dinner, or dress up for an ice cream with your love? It’s important to have fun in a relationship and not forget about each other. I think it’s nice when a couple do what they like together. When they talk and take time for each other.

We love our date nights. We don’t plan them weeks or days ahead and we also don’t have them on particular days, like Saturday evenings. We are spontaneous about our date nights. When we wish to have some time off and spend it just between the two of us, we go out and have a lovely time. Maybe if we would plan it ahead it would be organized and would feel in a way more as a necessity than delight.

When we take time to go out I like to look nice for him and for me. He always dresses something nice when we go out as well. It’s important that we make an effort for one another. And one little thing I love about us is that we both like to dress up and go out. We also enjoy being at home in casual clothes but for a date night, we prefer more elegant look. I wore this Zara jumpsuit when we decided to go for a dinner during our summer holiday. We came to this spot and the sunset was there for literary five minutes. We were lucky to catch it. It was a beautiful sunset which prolonged into a wonderful evening. So, take your love and go for a walk, dinner or watch the stars on the night sky. And catch the butterflies.

Jumpsuit from Zara