August came to an end and with it summer is gone. I can’t believe that it went by so quickly. No more ice cream every day, no more warm nights, and no more flip flops. But we need to be patient for the next ten months and summer will be back. 🙂 I probably don’t have to say this anymore but just in case you missed it: summer is my favorite time of the year.

And this summer was very nice and relaxed. First, I was at the seaside. Then we celebrated love at a beautiful wedding in the gorgeous venue. It was one of the best weddings we attended. Few days after the wedding I went to see my mom and host the local event at my home village. It’s always heartwarming to come home where my mom prepares me great homemade products to take them with me to my new home. Thank you, mom! 🙂 I spent the rest of the month for work and preparations for new projects. And for new blog projects as well. New interviews with Slovenian designers are coming soon. Whoop-whoop. 🙂