The Second Layer blog celebrates one year! I can’t believe it. When I started I said to myself that I will not publish it because I have to, but because I love doing it. And I will stop publishing it when it will stop putting a smile on my face. At the beginning I thought that the blog is gonna hold me for a few months and after that, I will stop writing it. Now one year is around and I’m still loving it.

I’m super happy and proud that we (me and Marko) are creating Second Layer. We learn a lot publishing it, we grow with it and we keep stepping out of our comfort zone. If I wouldn’t have a blog I wouldn’t get to know myself so much and I wouldn’t push myself. For example, I probably wouldn’t cut my hair back to bangs. Yes, bangs are here. 🙂

When we started talking about the change I wasn’t up for it. I wasn’t sure about my bangs or Marko’s beard. I loved the idea to do a before and after photo shoot and video but to live with it the next day, that is another story. The 1st of March arrived and we did it! I’m loving it. He is not so sure about the beard but I like it. And we both think bangs are beautiful.

If you are interested to see the process of transformation, watch the video we’ve made. I would like to to thank Sašo Orač for creating our looks. He did it flawlessly. If you are looking for a good hair stylist, he is the man. He uses all natural hair cosmetics, listens to your wishes and executes them perfectly. Thank you again, Sašo!

From now on bangs are gonna be a big part of Second Layer. What do you think about my bangs and Marko’s beard? What do you preffer: before or after? 🙂