In February I revealed quite a lot of new things that are hiding in my Second Layer. I talked about my new favorites: pink and midi dresses. Pink is becoming more and more dear to my heart. I think spring and summer are going to be full of pink. And midi dresses. The weather is getting warmer and I decided that I will try to wear more of them. Not just for special occasions but also for everyday use because they are feminine and elegant.

I shared with you my thoughts towards the search of a new style. I’m trying many things and still figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. What I’m not searching (anymore) is my profession. I love creative industry and I hope I’m going to stay in it. Now it is also a good time to finish my studies and I hope that will happen soon. Fingers crossed.

The last post announced a change in my hairstyle and I shared with you some old memories. When I look back I must say I had a blast. My childhood and teenhood were awesome. And so was the hairstyle, so I am returning back to it. Wait for the new post to see my new haircut – photos and video are coming soon. Very exciting!