In the seventh grade of primary school, I cut my hair to bangs (actually my mom did). I lived with them throughout the whole high school. I loved them. I always had full straight bangs; I never wore them on the side or short. I rarely ironed them, although bangs need a lot of maintenance. You need to wash them twice as much as longer hair. It felt funny at the beginning to wash just the hair at the front of the head but then I got used to it. They also grow very fast. My mom cut my bangs every third week because they grew over my eyes and they bothered me.

When you have bangs it’s hard to have all hair slick back. In high school, while I was training kickboxing and hip hop they were not useful. I was forced to figure out a hairstyle how to keep my bangs back. I put them in a spiral and secure them with two hair pins. It didn’t look glamorous but it was practical. After seven years of bangs, I decided that is time for a change and that the bangs will go. It happened at the beginning of the second year in college. Since then I have long hair, all same length.

After seven years, it’s time that bangs come back. I probably hesitated to have them because you need to care for them quite a lot. Now I just wash my hair and I’m done. I put them in a ponytail if they bother me and that’s it. Now, we will see if I will need to wake up 10 minutes earlier every morning to style them.

And I decided to restyle my hair on Wednesday to celebrate a special occasion: on that day Second Layer celebrates the first anniversary. One year, can you believe it? 🙂 So Wednesday it is!