My mom is crazy about flowers since I can remember. She loves them. Every year she goes to a flower shop and buys a lot of them. Three hanging pots with flowers and a few of containers with flowers, each one meter long. She deploys them around backyard and she waters them every evening so they can survive hot summer days.

Our small stone house looks like a tiny cottage and it lies at the end of the village beneath a hill. Decorated with so many flowers it looks like a scene from a fairytale.

I always liked flowers but I never understood why would you need a whole backyard full of them. One or two is ok but so much of them?! I thought that I will never buy flowers like my mom. But each year I like flowers more and more. When I get them – may it be as a gift or just on an ordinary day – I’m very happy. I feel the same happiness that I see in my moms eyes when she get flowers. The look I didn’t understand when I was younger. I also go to a flower shop from time to time and buy them for no special purpose. I love how bouquet of flowers brings a life and brightens the room. Who knows, maybe one day I will also buy few pots and will have a backyard full of flowers.