Rich historical streets, splendid cafés tradition, delicious authentic food treats. Tasteful Vienna, mmmm!

When in Vienna you cannot avoid Viennese cafés, Wiener Wurst (Vienna sausage), Wiener Schnitzel (very thin, breaded and pan fried cutlet made from veal) and Sachertorte. True Vienna, really tasty, full of culture.

Viennese cafés have magical atmosphere with its elegance, social nature and rituals. Waiters are usually elderly men in tuxedos having old school manners. You feel warm and welcomed. It’s not unusual to see guests without company siting for hours in a cosy chair and just hanging around, reading newspapers, writing poetry or chatting. Café is also offering yummy breakfast, soup of the day and delicious desserts. Surrounded by chandeliers, old tapestry and Art deco furniture you are easily fused with the environment.

Since October 2011 the Viennese Coffee House Culture is listed as “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO.

Culinary journey is not pefect without trying Wiener Würst (a kind of sausage most frequently made from chicken, beef, or pork in chicken broth) with a slice of bread, and a hefty volume of mustard. As easy as it can get, but sooo very tasteful! And you have to eat it on the street, it’s the only true way.

There is also one very delicious thing which has a deep historical roots in Vienna. It’s called Sachertorte. Original Sachertorte was first served in the Hotel Sacher, founded in 1876 by Franz Sacher’s son, Eduard Sacher. After Eduard’s death his wife Anna became hotel manager. Under her rule, Hotel Sacher grew into one of the finest hotels in the world. Today, the Sachertorte is still made by Franz Sacher’s original recipe and is a closely guarded secret. They also serve Sacher tea (exquisite Darjeeling refined with a hint of Earl Grey and jasmine blossoms) – made exclusively for Hotel Sacher – which goes hand in hand with Sachertorte. Together they merge in a poetry of flavours.

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