Aarrgghh, I wish you all a great September! Mine started fabulously. Full of child spirit and celebration. Why? Because September begins with my birthday and this year me and my boy prepared special birthday banquet.

This year we had a quite long summer holiday so we had a lot of time to think about life and also brainstorm about funkier and less important things. So we came to an idea what the theme for my birthday party should be and… arrrggh, we decided to host a pirate party! We were so excited that we started to scrolling through AliExpress and ordered few pirate accessories like a pirate flag, pirate eye patches, pirate map, and pirate cardboard ship. And we also got an idea about games that we could play to spice up the party.

A day before the birthday everything came together. The decoration was ready and the only thing left to prepare was the most important event of the day: the treasure hunt. We prepared hidden clues with riddles and a map that brought pirates to the treasure. Pirates were in a great shape after summer season so they successfully found the treasure. The ending was sweetened with delicious homemade chocolate cake.

It was a perfect day full of laughter, happy pirates, and childhood spark. Be a pirate. Forever. Aarrgghh!

photo by Jana Lavrič

Blouse from Zara
Skirt from H&M