Twenty years ago when I first visited Croatian island Pag, I was six years old. I was a little kid and I was dependent on my father and brothers. I went where they went, I sat where I was seated.

The house where we spend the summer is located approximately 2 kilometres from the city centre. My father and his girlfriend Ika are going to the centre every morning for a coffee and daily shopping. Every morning for the past twenty years. When I was younger I was going with them. After few years, I came into an age when I was rather sleeping longer. In puberty, I started hanging out with friends and wanted my own freedom. When I came into my twenties and started partying, a long morning sleep after the party was the only option.

Today, I like both options: to sleep and to go to the city centre. I’m not as early as my father and Ika but after few years I’m starting to visit Novalja in the mornings again. There is no better way than starting a day with fresh newspaper, hot cocoa and a smell of warm brioche at La Paloma. And of course, a good company. I just love it when he takes my hand and invites me for a walk strolling the streets. And he was even willing to let me take the camera for a moment.

Dress from Antonello Serio
Sandals from Stradivarius
Sunglasses from Conbipel
Bag from Parfois