For the past twenty years I’m spending summer vacation at the same place. My father’s girlfriend family has a summer house on Croatina island Pag and we are welcomed there every summer. Thank you, Ika! 🙂

Our journey starts in Slovenia and the first great experience is beautiful Adriatic road. From Bakar all the way to the ferry. It’s a two-hour drive by the sea through Mediterranean villages and rocky landscape. There’s only local roads and enjoyment in the driving, no highway and hurry. Salt is already in the air and wind in my hair.

The second best thing on the road to the seaside is the ferry ride. When you are on the ferry, you know you’re there. It’s a lovely 20 minutes ride that takes you to the relaxation and delight. When I was younger, ferries were much smaller and didn’t offer a coffee place, seats or air conditioned space. But I wouldn’t miss all that. I love staying outside and to be in anticipation of the beach, reading books and go for an ice cream in the evenings. Same story for twenty years now and it’s never getting old. Let’s hope that in the next twenty years the ferry will still be taking me to that other side where life is more relaxed and easy-going than on this side.

Dress from Zara
Shoes from Stradivarius