I’m very excited to introduce another new monthly superduper section in which I will present magnificent Slovenian fashion designers. After developing the idea since February, it’s finally here! It’s a column in which you can get to know the hottest Slovenian designers throughout their second layer. The part I’m most enthusiastic about is a podcast. Yes, you’re hearing it right. With each designer, I will record a podcast – for now in the Slovenian language. As this was the first one, I apologize for some noise in the background. We were recording at a coffee place and they just had a delivery man coming in. I hope it will not bother you too much and that you will still enjoy it.

Episode 1: Second Layer of Janja Videc

The first Slovenian fashion designer who showed her second layer and will premiere this new column is a wonderful Janja Videc. I spotted Janja Videc about three years ago through media. She was described as one of the most talented young fashion designers of her generation by several critics. Her designs caught my eye a while back. Her pieces are elegant, clean and timeless. As are her collections which are always homogeneous and inspired by certain archetype. The last collection Taura which she presented in March at Ljubljana Fashion Week was telling a story about a women warrior who is calmed with herself and knows how to say no.

“Archetype of woman warrior knows how to set limits and I struggled with this in the past year.”

Janja is also thinking about the environment. She uses natural materials such as organic cotton and wool. For her collection Taura, she recycled ten years old pleated fabric which she used in unique pieces and the remains of fabrics which became earrings. She is happy that she can work in Slovenia and she doesn’t  have any wishes to go abroad.

“People ask me what my next step will be as if the biggest goal is to go abroad and be a famous fashion designer. I want to stay in Slovenia, be creative and earn enough from my work to live a good life.”

Now, I invite you to make yourself a cup tea, press play and join us while we discuss her second layer in the podcast. More about Janja and her work in the podcast. If you’d like to know more about Janja’s work, check out her website, or visit her in Zoofa Ljubljana and at Salon uporabnih umetnosti in Maribor. Photos below were made in Zoofa Ljubljana and show her Taura collection and some inspiration behind it. Enjoy your tea! 🙂

Podcast “Second Layer of Janja Videc” (in Slovenian language only)

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00:55 – Študij
01:37 – Estetika in minimalizem
03:56 – Procesi modnega oblikovanja
05:08 – Kreativna kriza?
05:40 – Priprave na LJFW in kolekcije TAURA
08:13 – Arhetipi in duhovnost
15:10 – Tujina?
15:57 – Živeti od modnega oblikovanja v Sloveniji
17:20 – Sam svoj šef
18:45 – Načrti za prihodnost
20:02 – Kje najdemo Janjo?