More than 40 public parks, more than 100 art museums and more than 100 Fiaker (carriage with horses). I’m still in Vienna.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Vienna has supreme quality of life and it is not a coincidence or luck. In 2014 Vienna adopted Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2050 – the capital of Austria wants to reduce dioxide emissions from 3.1 tonnes per capita to 1 tonne per capita by 2050 and to reduce motorised individual traffic from the current 28% to 15% by 2030. The city has a clear vision in trying to be even greater that already is. Vienna is not resting on its laurels and I respect that.

City centre is big but also small enough to walk it through pretty easily. The heart is Stephansplatz with rich Stephansdom or St. Stephen’s Cathedral. There are all kinds of lovely shops and high fashion stores when walking about, but I found the really special one I liked the most: classical style H&M. It has the most beautiful old wooden staircase and there is even more magnificent elevator inside. Elevator with iron gates with ornaments and glass doors. If you are in Vienna, this is a must see shop even if you are not shopping. And you must take an elevator ride!

For long exploration walks I recommend comfortable shoes. These Zara sneakers were perfect for the job. Very comfortable but still elegant. They fit great even with a dress. So a good combination for relaxing and playful elegance.

Dress from Mango
Sneakers from Zara
Watch Casio MTP 1154P
Ring from H&M