The first half of May was crazy busy workwise. Our Samino studio is responsible for covering all the video production for entrepreneurial and startup conference Podim for the fifth year in a row. We were working days and nights for it and when we saw our work on the big screen all of our tired muscles in all the corners of our bodies were happy and hyped to be a part of this amazing event. Unfortunately, Marko fell into a gap behind the stage while filmingon the first day of Podim . He is alright but after three weeks he is still on painkillers and has trouble walking.

He injured his right leg three days before our departure to 12 days adventure through Scotland. The doctors were optimistic so we embarked on the journey. We spent the second half of May in wonderful, beautiful and mysterious Scotland. For the first eight days, we rented a car in Edinburgh and drove from west to north to east and back in the south to Edinburgh. We experienced amazing Loch Lomond, mystical Loch Ness, the barren landscape of Isle of Skye, cold North Sea, Royal Family summer residence Balmoral Castle, Marko’s father played golf at wonderful St. Andrews and we were discovering charming Edinburgh. It was a marvelous trip. If you are thinking about visiting Scotland do it! It’s a lovely country with the nicest people I have ever met. It’s quite windy and rainy but also this is a part of the experience.

You can check the first part of our trip to Scotland by clicking on the photos bellow. The other half is coming in the beginning of June. I hope you enjoy in daily travel diaries. I wish you a wonderful start of summer in June!