I started Second Layer because I like the idea of an online journal where people can see your work and be inspired. I started it because it interests me and makes me happy. Every time I’m thinking about a new post I’m excited and enthusiastic. It challenges me creatively. The best thing is that I’m not limited to anyone else’s ideas or requirements (this is not always the case with the projects we are doing professionally) and I can create something that comes from my inner self. In the process of choosing clothes, making photos and putting together the post, I’m nervous and anxious to see how the whole thing will come out. When I see the post alive I feel thrilled and proud.

And there are days when I’m looking at the other blogs and see all of the great content that people produce. It’s intimidating and I get overwhelmed. In the moments like this I’m starting to question my work. And as you may know from your own experiences, doubt is the worst enemy. It gets you see mistakes and problems where there are none.

But then I get your positive comments and they lift me back up. They motivate me to do my best and not trying to be like others. They give me the confirmation that my work is good and a confidence that I should follow my instinct. So, thank you very much! With the help of your feedback, I am continuing to walk this path. Thank you for taking the time to write me and be so kind. It means the world to me. <3

My fashion icon. ?

Really! In this flood of fashion blogs and instagram profiles you are a true refreshment. Thoughtful, chic, but not pretentious. I would like to master that as well. 🙂 And let’s not even start to talk about the photos and the blog. Really beautiful, the whole package. ?